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Due to the additional existential threat to performing artists posed by COVID-19, the need for counselling, coaching and financial support for retraining and further education has risen sharply.

This does not only affect freelance performing artists, who often live in financially precarious conditions. The Corona Wave has also caused great uncertainty in permanent theatre engagements. For the dancers in particular, the isolation during the lockdown and the closure of the cultural institutions is an extremely difficult situation. The lack of training opportunities and daily structures, as well as fears about the future, led to stressful situations. You can find suggestions for coping under: Mental Health.

The SSUDK encouraged the performing artists to use the time for self-reflection and for new inspiration for professional development. For this purpose, “The Dancers’ Survival Guide to Transition” was published by SSUDK.

The Transition Centre SSUDK supports in this difficult situation with individual counselling sessions and coaching, which are currently offered by telephone or video conference.

Many performing artists are not able to pursue their profession until their regular retirement. Be it for health reasons or because they can no longer cope with the physical demands of the profession. For dancers in particular, a career change is an inherent part of their career: due to the physical demands of their profession, they have to reorient themselves at an average age of 35. Some are able to find another position in their traditional field, but many have no choice but to retrain.

Due to the rather low wages during an artist’s career, it is often not possible to build up savings for retraining purposes. The entry into further professional life is made even more difficult by the often unrecognised professional qualifications of performing artists.

This is where the SSUDK helps people to help themselves. With information on changing careers, counselling and contributions to retraining, performing artists are offered the opportunity to channel their creativity and working power in new directions.

The Foundation

The Foundation for the Retraining of Stage Artists was established in 1993 by the Swiss Association of Stage Artists (SBCA). In 1997, the foundation opened up to non-members and since 2013 it has operated under the name Swiss Foundation for the Retraining of Performing Artists SSDUK.
In 2016, the Transition Centre SSUDK was established to support and advise performing artists before, during and after their career in German-speaking Switzerland, Ticino and Liechtenstein. This applies in particular to dancers during their professional transition.



Initial assessment and information about retraining opportunities


Grants may include both contributions for education as well as cost of living contributions


The main objective is to give artists practical knowledge and to make them aware as soon as possible of the issue of changing careers


Networking with partner organizations and former performance artists who have successfully started a new career


Samstag 3. Juli 13h-16h, TANZhAUS BERN Career Development Workshop mit Oliver Dähler

Career Development Workshop mit Oliver Dähler Wann: Samstag 3. Juli 13h-16h Wo: Tanzhaus Bern, Brückenpfeiler Dalmaziquai 69, 3005 Bern Kosten: für BETA Mitglieder: gratis, für nicht-Mitglieder 40.- normal, 30.- Studierende & Kulturlegi Anmeldung bis 25. Juni: beta.kontakt@gmail.com Kurssprache: Deutsch & Englisch Der Workshop wird veranstaltet und organisiert durch den Verein BETA in Kooperation mit der…


CAREER DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP FOR PROFESSIONAL DANCERS (IN ENGLISH) SATURDAY May 15h, 2021 14h-17h on Zoom  with Oliver Dähler, Executive Director SSUDK in cooperation with Danse Suisse  The workshop takes place online Registration: michaela.bosshard@dansesuisse.ch Deadline May 10th 2021 Danse Suisse and SBKV members: free of charge Non-members: CHF 15.00 Professional dancer careers tend to be short,…

The Dancers Survival Guide to Transition

The Dancers Survival Guide to Transition 8 Steps to making your transition a positive experience! Introduction Step 1: An Honest Assessment (1) Step 2. Celebrate your Success and „The Love/Hate exercise” Step 3: Know your rights (contractually, unemployment, pension, insurance coverage, permissions to live and work in country of your choice) Step 4: Early Planning…

Retraining fund at the KTB, what’s next?

Almost four years ago Konzert Theater Bern, KTB, pioneered the idea of a special retraining fund for dancers in their professional transition. Estefania Miranda, ballet director at KTB talks in our interview about her vision and how this all started. How and when did KTB come up with the idea of launching a retraining regulation…

A wish comes true

The Theater Basel founded a retraining fund in August 2019 and now also supports dancers financially. How did this happen? As ballet director at the Theater Basel, it has long been my wish and need to be able to actively help the dancers with this topic. Here in Basel, we are very fortunate that the…



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Many thanks for the generous support of the following foundations: Schweizerischen Interpretenstiftung SIS/ Swissperform, Stiftung Corymbo, Ernst Göhner-Stiftung, Szene Schweiz , Sophie und Karl Binding Stiftung and Danse Suisse.  

The SSUDK cooperates with the following committed partners for workshops, awareness-raising measures and networking activities:

Cooperation partners: Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung SIS/ SWISSPERFORM, SzeneSchweiz, Danse Suisse, Danse Transition

Partner: Tanzbüro Basel IG Tanz Basel, Ballett Zürich, Ballett Basel, BA Contemporary Dance ZHdK
BETA Verein Berner Tanzschaffende, Biz Oerlikon «Netzwerk Spitzensport, DanzaSIA (Danza Svizzera Italiana Associazione), Dampfzentrale Bern, Konzert Theater Bern, MAS Dance Science Institut für Sportwissenschaft, Universität Bern, Reso Danse Suisse, Tanz Akademie Zürich ZHdK, Tanz Luzerner Theater, Teatri Associati della Scena Indipendente TASI, PilateSWISS

In addition, the SSUDK has been a member of ProFonds, the Swiss umbrella organisation of charitable foundations and associations, since 2019.